Where To Start in Italy

This is a good place where to start in Rome

For sure, in the world, there is no such adapted for an excellent vacation, thrills, full relax and unrestrained merriment, like Italy. Such a density of architectural masterpieces, rich museums, magnificent landscapes, culinary delicacies and beautiful sights you will not find anywhere else on the planet. And let’s just imagine good memories and photos from Venice, Florence or Naples, to remember a stunning taste of pizza or a taste of delicate truffle risotto. So just a little advice for you: if you have not been in Italy yet – don’t hesitate. This country can satisfy all your wishes; moreover, it can surpass the most daring expectations.


Venice – “The Gate” of Italy

This is a picture in Venice Italy a good place to startVenice – one of the unique places not only in Italy but the whole Europe. City on the water with great architecture and a unique history became the most attractive place for tourists. There is a lot of locations to visit. Most interesting sites are: St. Marco’s Square – the “Heart” of Venice and a favorite place for tourists; St. Marco’s Cathedral – one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Middle Ages; Doge’s Palace – for ages it was a residence of Venice Regent’s, one of the best gothic buildings and for now there is a museum; Grand Channel – the main transport artery of the city which divides the island into two parts, and it have no quay. Instead of quays, there are the most beautiful buildings on stilts. The last place necessary to visit is Rialto Bridge – the first and the most ancient bridge in Venice with a viewing point on the top of it.

Rome – “Eternal City”    

This is a good place where to start in italy, the eternal city of romeAll roads lead to Rome. This world famous expression perfectly illustrates the grandeur and importance of this city. Overall, Rome should call open air museum. There are such an enormous amount of places to visit. So if you want to say “I saw Rome,” you should go there immediately. The capital of Italy will meet you with its history and architecture.


For the first, it will be good to start your trip from world famous Coliseum. Touching old marble, the wall of Amphitheatre, you can feel the breath of centuries. Not far from Coliseum there is another architectural monument – Constantine’s Triumphal Arch. It was built in the year 315, and for now is one of the most visited places in the Rome. The other place to visit is Roman forum – the place which was the center of a civil life of the capital, with its great architecture. Well known Fonta di Trevi – the largest fountain in Rome, lures tourists with its incredible beauty. And there is a national sign: those who throw a coin into the fountain will return to Rome by all means.

This is a good place where to start in Italy, the Vatican

And one of the most important points to visit in Rome is Vatican. It is famous to St. Peter Square and The Sistine Chapel – a residence of Pope. There situated the largest Christian temple in the Europe – St. Peter’s Basilica by a magnificent architecture and unique mood.


Italy is a great country for tourists with its culture and history. So if you want to see one of the best places in the world, it would be great to start your trip from this country. So, Venice and Rome are the best places to visit as a tourist year round.

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