What To See in Maui, Hawaii

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America is a melting pot. Hundreds of different cultures interact with one another on a daily basis. However, the one that is overlooked by many is the island culture of Hawaii. Of course, people know of Hawaii. It is full of smiling, lei wearing, surf obsessed people, but does anyone take the time to really immerse themselves in the culture? Make this summer vacation about going outside your comfort zone and engage with your island neighbors. Know exactly what to see in Maui, Hawaii.


Mobs of tourists are no fun at any time. So, if you desire an authentic Hawaiian experience visits Maui during the early spring. At this time there is lovely weather, lighter crowds, and lower rates on basically everything. Not to mention the events are less geared toward tourists so you will experience genuine Hawaiian culture. One of the best festivities celebrated in Maui is Lei Day on May 1st. This annual celebration highlights the traditional making and giving of the lei. A bonus is that the entire festival is free (who doesn’t like that?).

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Summertime is sun time! Crowds flock to the island of Maui to enjoy the sun and local events. Even though there are dense crowds on the island, summer can still be a great learning experience. For instance, Hawaiians celebrate the unification of the islands by Kamehameha on June 11. Visitors can learn about the culture by watching traditional dancers, artisans as well as the skillful pa’u horse riders.

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Along with hula dancing, music is a huge staple of Hawaiian culture. Throughout the months of September, October, and November these two activities are highlighted. The cheerful music of the ukulele drifts through the palms trees attracting music lovers from around the world to its annual Maui Ukulele Festival. Thousands gather in the park while listening and participating in a day long ukulele extravaganza. Earlier in the season there is the Festival of Alohas. The goal of this magnificent display is to cultivate and share the culture of the island. Attending the festival is a once and a lifetime opportunity to be totally immersed in the joy of Hawaii.

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Spending Christmas on a tropical island may seem odd, but Maui adds its own sparkle to the holiday season. Christmas is very important in Maui. Begin the season with a bang at the annual lighting of the 150-year-old bayan tree in Bayan Tree Park. Throughout the rest of December attend countless holiday festivities from meeting Santa Claus to crafts fairs and Christmas concerts. Visit the beach during the day and sing “Frosty the Snowman” at night for a unique island Christmas vacation.


An adventurous, open minded tourist will discover a whole new world in Maui. The vibrancy of the Hawaiian culture is contagious. You cannot help, but feel at home in the sun-drenched land. The genuine love of the people is expressed through their immense hospitality and desire to share their culture with others. So, lose yourself in the culture of Hawaii whatever the season!

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