Visiting Miami Beach, Florida

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In a great amount of places to visit, most people will choose certainly Miami Beach, Florida. The place with tropical climate, with hot summer and warm winter, seem to be the best vacation place in the USA. For sure every people hear about the Miami Beach, but the biggest half of these people can’t even imagine the beauty of this place.

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Traveler’s Paradise

For foreigners, Miami Beach is the same as Miami. But they are wrong. With its own municipality, Miami Beach is a suburb of Miami, and it is separated by Biscay Bay. Not worth saying that Miami Beach is one of the most famous health resorts in the USA. The first impression of visiting this place is great amazement. Coming to Miami Beach is the same as to get in some Hollywood film. Crowds of people in black sunglasses, white-toothed smiles of cinema stars, and that are weekdays of Miami Beach.  

And the first thing to do in the Miami Beach is to go to bask on the beach. By the way, you can stay here sunbathing, under profuse Miami’s sun up to 6 PM.

Sight of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is not only a long beach with the ocean. If you want to something else besides the beaches you may go for a walk. So then you will see a “historical” quarter in art deco style with a big variety of colorful buildings with great architecture etc.

Also, you can visit Star Island. It is an artificial island in the middle of the bay. The island with its own security. At this place we can meet many celebrities like basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, Hollywood actors Will Smith and Silvestre Stallone, world famous star Madonna and others. So going to Star Island will give you much pleasure and satisfaction.

And near Star Island, there is the other famous island. It is called Palm-Island. It is famous for the big house with 14 rooms. In this house once lived world famous gangster Alphonse Gabriel Capone. So we can admit, that Miami Beach has its own history, and can be proud of it.this is miami


Miami Beach is also famous for Bass Museum of Art. It is situated in the building which made in art deco style with the elements of Maya architecture. First, it was a library, but in 1964 it became a museum.

The other place to visit is Bayside Marketplace. And it is one of the favorite places for tourists because it is situated in the picturesque place on the shore of Biscay bay on the water. It is hard to call It only a marketplace. Inside of it, there is everything you want – restaurants, boutiques, different attractions, and entertainment. The locals say that a million ways converge in Bayside Marketplace.


Besides the huge amount of hotels, beach entertainment and clubs Miami Beach really have places to visit. That’s why travel to Miami Beach we can combine with a sightseeing. And as a result, we will have a lot of impressions for a whole our life.

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