Visit the South Island of New Zealand


This is picture of beautiful south island of new zealand

The New ‘Down Under What if “going down under” meant more than just adventuring in Australia? What if it meant exploring the underrated country of New Zealand? As a neighbor to Australia, it is hard for the small country to break through to popular acclaim. The island holds spectacular sights that can only be witnessed in this fantastic land. So, if you are looking for an unconventional vacation spot look no further than the South Island of New Zealand.

Important note: Since New Zealand is below the equator the seasons are reversed.

Spring – September, October, November

Like many destinations, spring tends to be a light crowd and low-price season. The best time to visit is right between the end of ski season and the beginning of summer. The weather during this time is usually cold with snow on the ground. As a result, spring activities vary a little more than normal. Our friends over at report that bugs and animals are very lively in the Spring after having a slow winter. Hiking, especially in the snow, is a big spring pastime for visitors. Going through gardens and watching the exotic spring buds bloom is another treat. The natural beauty of New Zealand is profound and overwhelming. Naturalists of all ages will enjoy exploring the mysterious land.  

This is a beautiful image of the south island of new zealand

Summer – December, January, February

Calling all dare devils! The grandeur of New Zealand’s natural habitat is wrought with adventurous activities. For instance, adventurers can go bungee jumping in Queenstown, glacier hiking, kayaking or camping. Other odd activities include the exploration of glowworm caves and guided helicopter tours of the island itself. Whether from the sky or ground, the southern island is enchanting from any angle.

Autumn – March, April, May

In New Zealand, the colors of the wind are tangible. As the weather cools, fiery colors burst into life. Visitors witness the deciduous trees turning into golds, oranges, and reds set against an unimaginably blue sky. Autumn is also usually hot enough for continued dips in the ocean. It is also the season for salt water fishing. Take a ride in a boat and experience the magic of the ocean. Maybe you will bring a little something back. An additional bonus is that autumn is about the time when summer crowds ebb away living you free to explore according to your whims.   

the south island of new zealand

Winter – June, July, August

The South Island possesses numerous lakes which keep the land warm. As a result, it rarely snows in this area, except in the mountains, allowing for a variety of activities to be accomplished. This season is perfect for introverts since the countryside is well-nigh empty of tourists. This means long, quiet walks in the mountains, valleys, and lakes. Perfect time to center yourself. New Zealand is also home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding. If you are feeling particularly adventurous don your ski outfit and hit the slopes.

These are just a few of the hidden treasures found on the southern island. Life is too short to follow the path well-traveled. Strike out on your own and experience the beauty and adventure of the South Island.

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