Things To See In Shanghai

One of the things to see in Shanghai is the shanghai china freeways

Shanghai – the world’s largest seaport, is situated in the East of China on the shore of China Sea. The richest China city with its architecture, culture, and dialect Going on a vacation here is the best way to spend your time. There are a lot of things to see in Shanghai.

Great City
It will not be a mistake, arguing that just a map of the city is the Shanghai scheme with attractions. Beginning the sightseeing of the city is best from the People’s Square, which can be fully recognized as the personification of Shanghai. This architectural monument is surrounded by huge stores, boutiques, restaurants, entertainment centers and modern hotels. Life of people flows here, the square became an embodiment of desires and aspirations of townspeople.

whats up in shanghai things to see


If you are interested in history, art, and culture of Shanghai, and you are in a search of entertainment and adventures, you should go the square. Here tourists are expected to see that about what they want. Every minute on the Folk area, the territory of which is equivalent two-three soccer fields, there is something strange, something new and keen

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
If you are in a search of extreme, going to see the city from the high point, you should go to the highest tower in the Shanghai (the third in the world by its highness). The height of this TV tower is 468 meters. On the top of it, there are 3 spheres with viewing platforms. The highest platform is in the 360 meters height in the last sphere. Right from that place, we can see all beauty of this modern and unique city. Inside if the main sphere is situated the only in South Asia restaurant that circling at such high altitude. There you can taste everything you want.

On the first floor of the tower, there is a Museum of Shanghai history, in which you can see old photos of the city, models of ancient streets etc..

Among the things to see in Shanghai is the beautiful Chinese City

In the evening, the tower is lit with colored lights around the tower and bright unusual lights, and the fountains beat with neon lights. From the observation deck, we can see a night view of the city.

Other Sights to See in Shanghai
To get a full imagination about the city it would be great to go on a walk on the river tram on the river Huanpu. During the trip, you can see a “Manhattan” of Shanghai, business quarter Pudun with its magnificent skyscrapers, many ports, bridges and houses, made in different architectural styles. Also, it is necessary to visit Yu Garden or Yuyuan Garden. It was founded in the 16th century. And another sight is famous Nephrite Buddha Temple. Visiting one of many markets is the best way to end the walk.

Shanghai seem to be one of the biggest “European” China cities. And it special mood lures tourists from all over the world all year round. And that’s why some travelers say: “I’m going to Shanghai in spite of any weather”.

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