Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Educate Emma: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S7


While S7 is not my favourite season, I do believe that it was the perfect send off for my favourite TV series ever.

The easy flow of S7 ties up loose ends and also allows the stories to come full circle - once again, Buffy is concerned with being different and never living a normal life. The first six episodes of the season feel like a time warp back to the campy-but-relevant days of season one. It allows viewers to slip into a false sense of security. Once Conversations with Dead People hits, we're back to the darkness of later seasons. Buffy has the same concerns as she did when she was sixteen, but now she is more aggressive in her pursuit of heroism and survival. I'd argue that there's something more disturbing in Buffy in S7 than there is in S6. That is an impressive feat.

It's not all darkness, though. It's marvelous viewing the original trio of Willow, Buffy and Xander and seeing how they've gone from children to adults. The complicated interactions between Spike and Buffy create an interesting narrative about former abuse and obsession, and if forgiveness should be possible. Most importantly, and the thing that reminded me why I fell in love with the show during S2, was the visit back to Buffy's feminist roots. The last few episodes are exactly why this series is so brilliant and so important to women. I loved every minute of it.

Season seven is an interesting amalgamation of old and new Buffy, and it succeeds at giving the show a dignified and realistic ending. Bravo, Whedon.

Favourite episodes: It's really hard for me to view this season as separate parts, when it feels like one continuous narrative. But if I had to choose, I loved Conservations with Dead People's character development, Buffy's heart breaking decline in Empty Places, and her feminist reclaiming in End of Days. Of course, the finale of Chosen was also a big favourite.

Least favourite episodes: The Killer in Me irritated me. I ADORE Willow, but I despise Kennedy with all my heart. Kennedy reeks of teenager - she's impulsive and youthful and she doesn't match Willow's maturity. This girl is NOT a good development from Tara. Having a whole episode that focused on their relationship made me twitch. Tara is the only one for Willow.

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