Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Recap Or, Plans To Make 2013 Better

So, last year I started my feature called Educate Emma. This feature's goal was to culturally educate me. Thing is, I failed on every goal I started.

Yep. Every. One. I am a big ol loser.

This is okay though. I'm realizing that I fall into a regular pattern when it comes to my projects: I set the bar too high and then suffer miserably when I don't reach them. The problem with Educate Emma was that I promised to review absolutely all of the media I consumed - plays, movies, TV, albums and books. This made cultural consumption seem like a chore. The whole point of Educate Emma was to NOT make learning a chore. So, I have a revised plan for Educate Emma:

1. I will review all TV seasons and books I consume - TV seasons because I don't watch a lot of them, and books because I am still predominately a book blog. However, for albums, movies and plays, I will choose one of each per month to highlight. This means that I can pick the most pieces I have the most thoughts on and also eliminate a huge workload for myself.

2. My goal is to post twice a week. If I can produce more content, awesome. But two weekly posts is the manageable bare minimum I can maintain. This is way better than leaving you all in the dark for so long.

3. My Educate Emma goals:

A. A book a week. (52 books)

B. Two plays a month. (24 plays)

C. An album every week. (52 albums)

D.  A TV season every other month. (6 seasons)

E. Two movies a month. (24 movies)

I really plan on meeting these goals this year. I want to start producing more regular content. My blog is an extension of my writing style and my history, and I love creating reviews for it. I also want to do more discussion posts and engage more in the community.

What are your blogging goals for 2013?


  1. "This made cultural consumption seem like a chore."

    Yup. We've run into that problem before too. And like you, we realized the only way to fix it is to take a step back, breathe, and regroup.

    A book a week is still quite a lot for us (except Sarah, who reads very speedily!) so we are actually aiming for 50 between the 4 of us. Should be very manageable (though we won't count the same book multiple times). And also between the 4 of us, we aim to blog twice a week. We made that decision several months ago and have found it to work quite well in terms of keeping readers interested but also not overwhelming them with new content all the time. :)

    1. Absolutely - sometimes goals can be overwhelming, and you forget that your blog is your OWN and that you can change it however you wish.

      That does seem like a manageable goal. I love reading all your blog posts - you guys always have such amusing twitter collections and thoughtful discussions. I'm curious as to how you all run a blog together, as I'm mystified by those who can collaborate effectively on a major project.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. What great goals! I love fitting in all the things I love, whether it be reading, my favourite TV shows, or knitting or playing piano. It always feels great that I can do ALL THE THINGS. :)

    I wish you luck with your 2013 goals!

    1. Hey Kristilyn, thanks for commenting! I know exactly what you mean. There's always so much to do - getting to it as well as the things you love is very satisfying.

  3. A thought might be to not give a review the full treatment everytime. Sometimes a book/movie/etc just doesn't warrant a full breakdown and analysis. "I enjoyed the action and pacing of this show, but there wasn't much depth to it" write a paragraph and two and be done.

    I didn't set blogging goals for myself, managed to 'regularly' update the Mets blog for 6 years, and am branching out. My goal is just at least somewhat regularly write something worth reading/saving, and to spend a little more time on the personal/beer/fun blog and a book idea I'd like to at least continue to at least throw ideas at.

    1. Yeah, that's a good point. I love my lengthy reviews, but it probably wouldn't kill me to do an array of mini reviews once in a while.

      That sounds like a good collection of goals. Good luck this year!