Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Educate Emma: TV: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Yeah, that's right. You read the title correctly. It says My Little Pony, and I'm not embarrassed about it. Mostly, anyway.

Friendship is Magic does have a huge fandom, which includes many of the people I know and admire. Still, it feels a little weird to watch a children's show that doesn't hold any nostalgia for me. It might take another season for me to get over the weirdness of watching something so twee.

Regardless, the show was a delight to watch. I can't say that I really understand why there is such intense online adoration for this story, but it is well-written, funny and charming. It's hard to find genuinely amusing kids' shows these days, especially ones that infuse a moral without it being boring or unnecessary. Friendship is Magic manages to do both, and sometimes its humor even reminded me of all my favourite parts of the internet.

The world-building is clever, the personalities distinct, and the relationships could easily exist in real life. It's just a lot of fun to watch, and incredibly refreshing. The only thing that confuses me is internet's obsession with the piece, because I don't find it to be original or ground-breaking. For it to resonate so largely with youth and adults, I assumed that it would provide a new perspective or a particularly special voice, but I didn't see anything awe-inspiring.

Overall: Pretty brilliant, and a fun way to spend a lazy day. I still don't think that it's a must-see, but if you want a smart and lovable show to help you remember what good TV looks like, this is a place to start.

Favourite episode: If I had to pick, it would be The Cutie Mark Chronicles, due to how it presents back story in a clever and interconnected way. I really loved the pilot, though, and A Dog and Pony Show was absolutely hilarious. There are a lot of smart and humorous episodes here.

Least favourite episodes: I didn't like Stare Master and A Bird in the Hoof as much as the other episodes, largely because they didn't feel as important as stories. I love Fluttershy, but episodes that center on her just don't seem to appeal to me as much.

If you do watch Friendship is Magic, let me know why you like it and who your favourite character is! I must say that Twilight Sparkle is my spirit animal, but I really like how Rarity has developed.

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  1. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie are all tied for me. I love them to bits. Twilight Sparkle is vaguely pompous like I am, and she's a book nerd, so I like her a lot as well. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are just as well-developed, but I personally don't care for them or their episodes as much (save the one from Season 2 where Rainbow Dash gets into reading...)