Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excuses, A Great Big Thank You, and an Offer

Why hello there! I know, it has been a while. I completely devoted myself to regular posting on my blog, and then I left the face of the Earth. I suck. You can hit me with lima beans or something - man I hate those things. I was ambushed by a horrible flu during midterms, and then trying to catch up on schoolwork took up a lot of my time. However, these are not sufficient excuses, so here is a picture of nutella for your trouble. Guys, I missed you. I missed being able to start sentences with conjunctions without fear of a bad grade. I also missed being able to be snarky and have an audience for all my self-important opinions.

Not only do I have an audience full of wonderful people who actually care about what I have to say - now you guys are two hundred strong! How did this happen? Well, I think it largely has to do with my piece on The New York Times site. That experience was completely surreal and paralyzingly terrifying for the 24 hours before I sent it out. It was worth it though, and now there are all sorts of people calling me a smart teen and insisting I'm cooler than Joel Stein! I will take it. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm so grateful for this group that has dealt with my inactive blogging and has allowed me to figure out what my non-fiction writing voice actually is. (Man, I missed ending sentences with prepositions, too. I swear, those are my only enjoyable grammatically incorrect practices.) Y'all are perfection, and your comments and interest has often made my day.

SO, to reward you for being awesome, I wanted to give you something. Since I do not have the money to pay for book shipping, and I don't think anyone would benefit from some kind of youtube video, I have an idea. As a blog reader, I like content. It makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy inside. Soooo, I would like you to tell me about a post you'd like me to write. Whether you want an All About Me post (hah, I doubt it), a review of a particular book, album or movie, my opinion on a certain topic, a recommendation, advice, or several pictures of my cat, I will GIVE IT YOU. Just make sure to comment and let me know. You've gotten me to two hundred and one followers. It's only fair I reward you with some requested content.

Sound good? Do the commenty and I will love you forever. Not that I didn't already. *gives cookies*


  1. I want a post of no less than 500 words extolling my numerous virtues as a writer and human being-thing, starting with humility. Go!

    1. Aw Maria, I expected better. I was thinking you were going to ask me to write about the merits of having a body-carrier with you at all times! And HEY HEY, no one said anything about word counts. I'll think about it.

    2. Okay then, I want a post about Cassandra riding an elephant through a McDonalds drive through and demanding all their tomatoes. And then we all ride zombie unicorns into Bordertown and live happily ever after until I throw myself into the Red River because Taco Hell is out of chimichangas.

  2. Shoot I totally forgot about this. Your father had given me the url and I had been meaning to request a review of Fallout Equestria.
    If you're up for the massive read XD

    Lévis L.

  3. I'm voting for cat pictures along with amusing captions and anecdotes.

  4. Nutella fixes everything!

    But then again, we were never mad at you, hehe. We WERE totally stoked to see you in the NYT though!