Monday, March 5, 2012

Educate Emma: Movies: This Means War

I know, I know, this seems less like Educate Emma and more like me just reviewing any movie I can get my hands on. But I believe all genres have merit, and I think critiquing something like this is valuable. Also, I do now have a list of movies I actually want to watch for Educate Emma. They DO fit under the label of "culture", so you can leave me alone now. And if you want me to watch anything in particular, it's your responsibility to write me in the comments. You have no one to blame but yourself. Okay? Okay.

Yes, I saw this movie. Yes, it was exclusively because it had Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in it. Also because there was the promise of spies and weaponry. Don't judge me.

Surprisingly, This Means War didn't make me want to kill everything, roll around on the floor, and bemoan Hollywood's ridiculousness. It actually had some funny parts, witty dialogue, and chemistry. Colour me surprised, but it was nice to see that Hardy and Pine didn't sign up for anything downright awful. Relationship dynamics between all three main characters were excellent, and Reese Witherspoon added to the ensemble rather than detracted.

Now, it had its boring aspects and a predictable, tidy ending, but I still call this movie a winner. I would have liked more of a solid spy plot line, but fine, romance wins over assassins and weaponry. I did get my sufficient dosage of explosions, and for that I am thankful.

My only main qualm is that Tom Hardy was written as a loyal, boring, serious-relationship sort of guy. Which is fine, except when the person who plays the character is Tom Hardy. Did they even look at his face? This is not the man who acts as the best-friend personality in a love triangle. Just look at him.

The actual point: If I am ever forced to watch a romantic comedy with a bunch of people who don't understand my biting sarcasm, This Means War will be my pick. Because explosions, good on-screen tension, and Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. That is all.


  1. Dear God Tom Hardy's face. *drools*

    This is the first romcom I've seen in years that hasn't made me want to hit things.

  2. Oh yay, we're glad this was good b/c we kind of wanted to see it!