Friday, March 9, 2012

Educate Emma: Movies: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids was surprising. I heard the rave reviews and the huge bouts of praise, but Twilight ruined me for the idea that the masses have good taste. You'd think Harry Potter would have saved that, but nope. JK Rowling is the one exception.

I was skeptical of the movie's premise, if only because of the trailers. But the writing was female-oriented, funny, and actually fresh. Sometimes its comedy was a little too body-related for my taste, but I'm more of your British humor type. I was rather amazed by the sheer originality and non-sucktitude of something that had received so much attention.

It was nice to see a piece that was focused on female kinship and problems rather than your average male-driven movie. The relationship between Annie and Lillian is subtle but solid, Meghan's heart to heart with Annie is brilliant, and the frenemy dynamic between Helen and Annie is much more realistic to normal life. We're not all Blair and Serena. In fact, I'm pretty sure none of us are.

I ended up having a whole lot of hatred towards Annie around the height of the rising action. Luckily for the story, this frustration with her selfish character was brief, and she turned her life around quickly enough for me to still pay attention. Nathan's character was perfect for the material, some scenes were completely brilliant, and it inspired several laughs.

The actual: Overall, if you're entertained by some gross scenes, and want something with genuine characterization, an excellent romance, and fresh humor, go watch Bridesmaids. You can handle Jon Hamm not being sexy for one second. Yes you can. I promise. No seriously.


  1. LOL about your Jon Hamm note.

    Sarah saw this and really enjoyed it, while the rest of us have been on the fence. (Kristan is definitely NOT into bathroom humor.) Your review is pushing us towards the Go Ahead and Watch It category, so thank you!

  2. I just PVRed Bridesmaids on my TV. Looks like I'm in for a good movie. Thanks for the review!