Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012: To-Do List

Oh yes, it is THAT time of year again. I know I am woefully late to the game, but I think I can blame most of my issues on, you know, getting published on The New York Times site . While this opportunity was fabulous, it sort of made plunging through schoolwork impossible for two days. You may think writing 369 words should take no time at all, but you didn't see how many drafts I wrote. However, I am now going to cease complaining about what might be the most amazing and ridiculous first world problem. Now, I am actually going to work on my blog. Here's my to-do list for the next two days.

  • Write those two reviews I've been putting off
  • Finally use Evernote to keep track of all my Educate Emma progress and suggestions
  • Compile all the various ideas I've had for that idea of a weekend opinion feature
  • Sort through my review list and organize according to Educate Emma
  • Write a March post for Educate Emma
  • Get caught up on my google feed and follow more people via RSS
  • Finish the back up and review policy mini challenges
  • Respond to all review requests
  • Organize my new blog email with folders

I am pretty sure that's it. *blinks* Well then. *scurries off to do everything* What are your blogging goals this weekend? What have you completed so far?


  1. I have two stacks of books on my desk that I need to write reviews for. I'm now starting to see my desktop! I hope you are having a productive weekend.

  2. You like Evernote? How exactly do you use it? Hopefully you are getting this stuff done!

  3. Shonda - That's pretty darn impressive!

    Jacinda - I've had Evernote on my Mac for a few months, but haven't figured out a way to use it. I just realized that I need to keep record of my overall Educate Emma progress and track various ideas for opinion posts. Currently, I have a notebook on the program for my blog, and all my ideas are neatly recorded there.

  4. HA! YOu've reminded me that I left off a dreaded task off my bloggiesta goal list. drat. I was going to clean up my Google Reader and I totally ignored it. I guess I can put in on the next Bloggiesta list (september)

  5. You've been doing really good! I'll have to look into Evernote ... I've never heard of it! I'm jealous that you only have TWO reviews to write ... I did up my templates, so I can just write the review and schedule them, but I have a few to write up!

    Happy bloggiesta!

  6. Great list! I've never heard of Evernote, but I should check it out!

  7. Care - ahh I'm sorry. *shifty eyes* I was very happy with sorting through my google reader. It makes me feel all clean and streamlined.

    Kristilyn - Evernote is actually super helpful for keeping important records. I really ought to do those reviews now. *stares*