Thursday, January 20, 2011

Writing Habits

Hello Followers,

Here I am at the beginning of the year, revealing all of my hidden passions to you! So first we started with TGDT, which isn't exactly a secret to anyone who has ever met me or encountered my twitter account, but it hasn't been outright discussed either. Now we're talking about my obsession with writing and how I really need a new laptop messenger bag because of it.

I'm kind of a writer. When I say kind of I mean that I am a n00b who's writing sucks. That's okay though. I will get there. Right now I'm writing this book about ambiguity, coming of age, how morality does not exist and quantum physics. Now you understand why I am so incoherent all of the freaking time.

And as for the messenger bag, I need to write more often so I want to be able to lug my near death computer to the library and my sacred Starbucks. What do you guys think of this one?

The point of this post is that I have not written for approximately two months. I need to start writing again. What I propose is that I do a feature every week where I talk about my opinions on writing and my own writing. What do you THINK? Do you guys have absolutely no interest in a feature like that or would you be into it? Let me know!



  1. It's your blog so I say do what you feel like doing. Personally I would recommend starting a completely separate blog for writing. That way you can better organize your ideas, your rants, your writing features, things like that. Mixing your writing and your book blog might get a little cluttered. That's not to say combining the two every once in a while is a bad thing, but you might find yourself wanting to talk more and more about your writing so you're going to want some place where you can actually do that without derailing an already existing blog.

  2. YES!!! Join me in twitching over creative processes on the internet! And check Etsy for laptop bags; that's where I got my robot messenger bag.

  3. Comments before are both great. Sorry for commenting so late, but I somehow seemed to have missed this post. I love either a writing feature on this blog, or a seperate writing place.