Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review Policy

Thanks for considering Booking Through 365 as a suitable blog for your book. I am so glad to have any opportunity to expand my passion for reading, and publishers/authors provide these chances willingly.
If you would like me to review a book or interview an author please email me at
I always complete a book given to me and I will always provide an honest opinion within my reviews. You are not guaranteed a five flower rating when you send me a book. I give positive and negative feedback in my reviews.
When I review books, I provide the cover art, the author’s name, the dust jacket/Goodreads or Amazon description and my own personal opinion of the novel.
I am predominately a YA/MG book blogger, but I am willing to receive YA non-fiction and adult novels as well. I accept galleys, finished copies, and ebooks that I can read in the Adobe EPUB format. I need eight weeks in order to finish a book and review it.
Please note that I will not respond to your review request unless you address me personally. I review books to support and communicate with those lovely human beings involved in the book industry, and I cannot create discourse without a personal exchange.
Thanks for your time and consideration,
Emma from Booking Through 365

Book 16 of '10 A Rose for Melinda by Lurlene McDaniel


I haven't reviewed in forever! Thank goodness for Bloggiesta! I got A Rose for Melinda from a close friend for my birthday and read it for the readathon.

Dust Jacket Description:

"From: Melinda Skye
To: Readers
Subject: Jesse

Hi! I can’t believe it. What a surprise from Jesse. When he got my e-mail about being accepted by the Washington School of Classical Dance’s summer program, he called to congratulate me! I loved hearing his voice. We’ve been friends forever–could it turn into something more?

From: Jesse Rose
To: Readers
Subject: Melinda

I couldn’t believe the news. Melinda is so young! How could she be sick? How did she get leukemia? She’s got to get better. She’s got to.

Characters: There's nothing to the characters here. Melinda is very much a Mary Sue and Jesse is the typical love interest. Although these sorts of characters come with the territory of sappy ill children stories. 3 and a half flowers.

Writing: The diary/letter format actually really worked for this novel. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this aspect of the novel. 4 flowers.

Plot: Predictable, but the love story did keep me interested enough. 2 flowers.

End: Well, we all know how this is going to end. 2 flowers.

Cover: It certainly tells you what you are getting. 4 flowers.

Dust Jacket Description: I am easily annoyed and get irritated when I only get a tidbit and not an actual description. It was trying to do it cleverly but still. 2 flowers.

Overall: Kind of predictable, but intriguing enough for a readathon! I'm glad I got it as a present. 3 flowers.
Emma Out!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bloggiesta Starting Line

Hello My Beautiful Followers!

Yes, it is BLOGGIESTA TIME. I know I am somewhat late, because I am technically starting tomorrow, but I have NOVEL things to do. But I do in fact have a LOT of Bloggiesta plans. Time to break out the salsa and my favourite quesdilla recipe.

Here are my goals:

1. Finish ALL of the wonderful mini challenges. This is the first time where more than three mini challenges have been relevant to my blog. So YAY! I might kill myself but I'm really excited to work on these.

2. Copyright all my blog posts and my actual blog. I have been meaning to do this. I never get around to it.

3. Check for typos in my blog posts. This is tedious and annoying, but it needs to be done more frequently.

4. Finally finish all my reviews.

5. Get ready for blogoversary and come up with an answer to expensive shipping contest costs.

6. Schedule some more interviews!

7. Come up with a blog schedule I will ACTUALLY STICK TO.

8. Fix the blogger app on my phone so that it works.

9. Comment on google feed.

10. Schedule memes in advance.

Okay, 10 things for two days! I think this is almost possible.

Good luck to everyone! Let's struggle TOGETHER.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hiya Followers,

My internet has been an issue. I've been sick and I had BEA. But enough with the excuses.

TOMORROW, I will not be here. But Thursday I will start blogging again in preparation for Bloggiesta. I've postponed my blogoversary because I could have a few contests after BEA instead of before. After Bloggiesta expect giveaways!

Just bear with me, okay? I'll be back fully soon!