Monday, October 11, 2010

Your Book Collection

Hey Guys,

I know I've been a really bad blogger. I blame the flu that's going around, but I digress. Onward!

Anyways, CSN Stores approached me about having another giveaway. After perusing the site, it got me thinking about what I do to save precious space for my books. Classic bookshelves are great, but there are cooler ways to show off your books at home that are less clunky. At this point in my book collecting career, my bookshelves are packed to the brim! I really like the idea of using console tables as book shelves to show off my extensive book collection without being messy.

My parents are divorced, so I get extra shelf space that way. I also love book towers and invisible book shelves. At some point, I hope to have a room just for my personal library and I love thinking about different presentations. I have whole fantasies based upon organizing my library via the Dewey Decimal system. I am such a YA librarian.

How do you organize your book shelves? Are there any unique styles of book shelves you love? I want to know!

Emma Out


  1. I would love to enter
    I don't really organize mine, just keep books everywhere :)

  2. I wish I could tell you that I am super organized...I am not!!! Everything is everywhere; I have shelves that are tripled lined but for some crazy, insane reason, I know where everything is...For some reason, it relaxes me...Looking and wondering where is a book...I'm, what you may call, book crazy???

  3. Haha I dream of the day when I have enough space to be organized. My books are pretty much everywhere, sadly. Hope you're feeling better, and I can't believe I missed your post about Doctor Who! I got into that show early last year (I have some friends who are obsessed), and now I can't wait for the next season.

  4. I organize loosely by genre, and that's about it. I have geeky fantasies about going all Library of Congress on my book collection, but the motivation is wanting.

  5. My books are SO completely unorganized. They are literally ALL over the house!

  6. I have a loft bed with bookshelves underneath, so I attempt to organize them there. For some reason they just keep spilling out into other places though...

  7. I finally have enough book shelves that my books don't have to be crammed in like a library. I like them arranged by type and somewhat by color and size. I also have some bookshelves in my house that I do by genre.

  8. I also dream of having an amazing room in my dream house just dedicated to my books. Actually if my dream library is to come true, I would absolutely love to have a small guest house in the backyard turned into a mini personal library.

    As for right now I have books stacked on my desk, lined up on a shelf that's under my desk, On my nightstand, stacked in my closet, and lined on the floor next to my bed to the door. Oh and then there are a lot of other books at my mom's other house. (I have no bookshelves yet because we just moved and I haven't saved money to build them or buy them) *sigh*