Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book 67 of '10 97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School by Steven Jenkins and Erika Stalder

Dust Jacket Description:

"Suggesting that there is more to a teenager's life than just homework and classes, this fun and helpful guide outlines the must-do items for every teenager—from going on a road trip to learning one's blood type—and offers advice on such topics as friendship, dating, and independence. Motivational, funny, sincere, and packed with information, this is an ideal resource for the adventure-seeking high schooler."

We shall abandon the typical format for this non fiction book. ONWARD.

I was thrilled when Zest books asked me to review one of their books. I'd read Split in Two before and found it very relevant to my life as a child of divorce. This book didn't disappoint. The design is easy and fun to flip through. There was everything from getting your driver's license to going skinny dipping or getting your palm read in the pages. The writers have realistic ideas and impressions of teenagers. I plan on writing a manifesto and making a dessert soon! The book is light and easy to carry around if you want to figure out what to do when you're bored. I'd recommend this book to any bored teen or young adult who wants some cooler ideas of what to do then play video games and chat on the computer. If you want out of your rut, go for this book!

Psst, Zest Books writes some really awesome books. You should check them out.

Emma Out!


  1. I thought at first that you wanted to make a desert. That would be super cool.

  2. This book seems cool. I wish I had one like this when I was in High School. Oh I miss those days...enjoy them while they last!!!