Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reassessing My Reading Goals

Hi Bloggers,

Well, I've been staring at my reading goals and I've been realizing that I really cannot read 150 books. My slacking at the beginning of the year has paid, and I'm going to have to modify my reading goal for the year.


Oh well, I'll still attempt to pick up the pieces!

Instead of trying to read 150 books this year, I'm going to go for 100 books for the 100+ challenge. Instead of trying to read 75 library books, I'm going for 50 and the same for the YA challenge.

Thank goodness for the situation being salvageable! This is much more doable.

Have any of you had to modify your annual reading goals recently?

Emma Out!


  1. I thought I might have to reassess things earlier in the year (I wasn't reading as quickly as I thought I would), but things seem to be working out okay now. I'm glad I kept the challenges to a minimum and didn't bite off more than I could chew. I would hate to have to lower my targets; it would feel like a bit of a failure (but I'm hard on myself like that).

  2. Don't beat your self up! That's alllot of books :)