Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doctor Who: Season One Review

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I know a lot of bloggers who do posts lightly veering outside of the book world involving movies and TV shows, but I haven't done anything like that. Well, it's time to change that!

Doctor Who is a big deal with my friends, online and IRL. They all absolutely adore it. I've been itching to watch it for years but I've never gotten around to it. Until I met my fan fiction soul sister who completely adores the series and I decided it was finally time to watch the series.If you don't know what Doctor Who is, consult Wikipedia.

I had heard it was absolute genius, but I still wasn't ready to become entirely obsessed.

I went through the episodes pretty quickly because I am officially TOTALLY ADDICTED.

This series is a big English staple, and it adds a whole new level of British awesome. I know most of my friends are David Tennant fangirls and the adults I know love Tom Baker, but Christoper Eccleston didn't reek of suck. The broody tone to the Doctor that's evident in episodes like Dalek make me hungry for the "angst master" Tennant deemed by my fanfiction soul mate. Rose is a complete badass, even if I want to punch her mother in the face all the time. The plot lines can be ridiculously campy and the acting hilariously bad, but this is what Doctor Who is all about! The downs make the ups even more amazing. Some of the episodes are total genius. Father's Day made me cry. The finale made me tear up slightly and sigh over the amazing romance between Rose and the Doctor. I love the character chemistry and the questions the series brings up between good vs. evil and equality. Just when I was beginning to think that the season was getting in a dull slump, they'd make me reassess my fading hopes.I think somewhere at the end of the finale I yelled "GENIUS" leading to my dad asking me what was wrong. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm a Whovian just yet, but I'm certainly getting there.

There were certainly a lot of flaws and I'm sure Christopher Eccleston won't be my favourite doctor, but I am more than a little excited for David Tennant's season and the tears that I'm sure the season two finale will bring!


The Doctor Dances: Brilliant story line and characterization, not to mention creepy.
Father's Day: You have time travel problems AND tear jerker plot.
The Parting of Ways: It's the finale, you can't blame me.

What Should Be My Favourite:
Dalek: You have a great idea and exceptional execution, but the tension didn't ring true for me. Superb episode, but not my favourite.

Least Favourites

The Long Game: I was bored out of my mind. I can't explain why, but the plot seemed completely lackluster.
The Unquiet Dead: I was excited over having Charles Dickens in an episode, but this one didn't emotionally resonant like I wish it had.

What Should Have Been My Least Favourite:

Aliens of London and World War Three: Yes, it's awful. Yes, it's campy. Yes, the creatures didn't make me cower in fear so much as made me want to cuddle them. But you know what? I loved every moment of this two-parter. It's the worst of the worst, but it still got my attention. Also you have the first real moment of romantic realization between Rose and the Doctor! I had to giggle over this one.


-If you want to know more about Doctor Who from an expert, check out this video from Charlieissocoolike. It explains everything and this boy is kind of adorable.

-If you want to check out my stream of consciousness opinions of each episode, follow #mydoctorwho on twitter. I'll be tweeting over there! It mostly consists of me complaining and shrieking WHAT, but I'm still shamelessly promoting.

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  1. Colin Baker wins because he has the best scarf in the universe! Just saying. ;-)

  2. This is so cool! O.O I love these types of reviews. Hmm I've never watched this show before...but I will now!

  3. It's been a while since I saw the Eccelston episodes, but I KNOW you're going to adore Tennant. Some of the BEST episodes are in his seasons. And yes, you will cry at the season finales. ALL of them. O_O