Saturday, August 14, 2010

Book Camp: Day Three

Hi Bloggers and Friends!


The day started again with Book Talk. This is when my slow mind finally caught up to the fact that Anya was reviewing YA non fiction books and Linda was reviewing YA fiction books. Both showed some really cool things. My very fuzzy brain started to perk up at the sound of their voices and their recommendations. Seriously, if it wasn't for Book Talk, the rest of my days at book camp would've been a blur of yawning and staring into space. After Book Talk we said goodbye to Linda because she was going to a cottage for a vacation and that was the last day we would see her. We all got her to sign our t shirts. We get our camp shirts signed by every workshop host every year but I have never seen any of the campers run that fast to get their shirts signed. After my enthusiastic fangirling (because although I do know my librarians well I still get to fangirl over how much I love them and want to cuddle them.) I got ready for the next workshop. 5 flowers.

Our main workshop for Wednesday was hosted by Barbara Haworth-Attard. I was really excited for this workshop because Maggie constantly talks about her on her blog and at camp. She certainly didn't disappoint. She talked about showing not telling in writing and using embarrassing events in an amusing and real way in stories. She got all of the kids involved and made the workshop lots of fun and very engrossing. One of my favourite exercises that she did was get one of the younger children to come up in the center of the room and pretend to be a troll. We had to ask questions about his background and personal preferences. She was great at making the workshop imaginative and entertaining. My favourite workshop of the entire week. 5 flowers.

After Barbara we had a man who helped us write a campfire song. It was quite adorable having all of our verses. I write songs pretty often so this exercise was very easy and rather cute. He played the song to the tune of Hit the Road Jack. The workshop was directed more towards the younger children, and I would've preferred there had been an option for the older teens that afternoon. Regardless, still fun and amusing. 3 and a half flowers.

Overall: The middle of the week is always my favourite part of camp. It's when we all get into the groove of things. Wednesday was no exception. 4 and a half flowers.

Emma Out!


  1. So, can I just hate you for this week for having an awesome book camp??? I wish I had book camp as a kid/teen. : )

  2. What, book camp!?! I'm a bit jealous, this sounds like fun :)