Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Camp: Day Five


So the last day of book camp. Here I go.

Last Book Talk was great, mostly consisting of non fiction. At the end, a few of the campers got to do their own book talks, including me and one of my friends. I hope this is a feature we can do next year because it certainly was a lot of fun. 5 flowers.

We had Alison Williams next. She showed us how to do illustrations. We created a Pixie Man superhero and a snail super villain. I think the younger kids really enjoyed it. Personally, I preferred Diana discussing her experiences with the industry, but we all need a bit of drawing fun once or twice in book camp week. I'm not a drawer, but it does give me a bout of confidence when I see how simplistic everything starts. Not my style, but fun for the younger illustrators! 4 flowers.

After lunch and Read, Write, Research, we had Kathy Kacer, who is kind of a big deal here. Her presentation on how her family's experiences with WWII largely influenced her writing was inspiring. I was fascinated by how largely her writing stuck to her family's stories. It was interesting seeing what another writer's process was like. It was definitely a huge hit with the other campers, too. Four and a half flowers.

Overall: One of my friends at camp is a huge fan of Kathy Kacer. Lisa, the camp coordinator, let her come up to the stand and thank her for coming on behalf of the camp.

This action alone pretty much explains why I love book camp so much. The staff gives us freedom and seems genuinely interested in what we have to say. They don't belittle us, they encourage us to write. The workshops are relevant. The volunteers are helpful. The librarians are enthusiastic, even the elderly woman who does attendance is a joy to be around. Every one is passionate and just awesome. There's no pretense of babysitting to this camp that I've felt with every other camp I've been involved in. You can feel the community brewing in everyone, including the older campers.

I hope to be a part of book camp for a long time. I hope others have these sorts of opportunities in their area or they can make them happen.

Emma Out!


  1. Book Camp sounds like a fantastic experience! I'm glad you enjoyed it.