Monday, July 19, 2010

CSN Giveaway/What Odd Places Do You Read?

Hiya Followers!

When CSN Stores offered to do a giveaway on my blog, it got me thinking about odd areas of my house/back yard where I like to read.

My favourite position to read in, in order to save time is holding the place of the book I'm reading with my foot while I brush my teeth or wash my face at my bathroom vanity. I remember doing this for half an hour before I had a nighttime bath while completing Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse.

I like to hang my legs over the arm of my huge blue armchair and read intently. I also like to hang my head over the end of my bed and contort myself into shapes to get my daily exercise.

My mom is a big reader as well, and our house is truly a reader's paradise. Even our back yard has THREE chair areas. One set is very gothic looking. It's my favourite place to read historical fiction or steampunk. Oh, you don't classify where you read your novels by what genre of book you're reading? How unfortunate for you.

But whatever odd areas you read in throughout your home, CSN can certainly make those areas prettier! That's why I'm giving away a $60 giftcard that is good for any product on CSN Stores' sites including and many others.