Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review Policy

Thanks for considering Booking Through 365 as a suitable blog for your book. I am so glad to have any opportunity to expand my passion for reading, and publishers/authors provide these chances willingly.
If you would like me to review a book or interview an author please email me at
I always complete a book given to me and I will always provide an honest opinion within my reviews. You are not guaranteed a five flower rating when you send me a book. I give positive and negative feedback in my reviews.
When I review books, I provide the cover art, the author’s name, the dust jacket/Goodreads or Amazon description and my own personal opinion of the novel.
I am predominately a YA/MG book blogger, but I am willing to receive YA non-fiction and adult novels as well. I accept galleys, finished copies, and ebooks that I can read in the Adobe EPUB format. I need eight weeks in order to finish a book and review it.
Please note that I will not respond to your review request unless you address me personally. I review books to support and communicate with those lovely human beings involved in the book industry, and I cannot create discourse without a personal exchange.
Thanks for your time and consideration,
Emma from Booking Through 365


  1. Nice blog, Emma! I found you via bloggiesta, and I'm impressed by all you've accomplished, great job!

  2. You have an award at my blog!