Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book 16 of '10 A Rose for Melinda by Lurlene McDaniel


I haven't reviewed in forever! Thank goodness for Bloggiesta! I got A Rose for Melinda from a close friend for my birthday and read it for the readathon.

Dust Jacket Description:

"From: Melinda Skye
To: Readers
Subject: Jesse

Hi! I can’t believe it. What a surprise from Jesse. When he got my e-mail about being accepted by the Washington School of Classical Dance’s summer program, he called to congratulate me! I loved hearing his voice. We’ve been friends forever–could it turn into something more?

From: Jesse Rose
To: Readers
Subject: Melinda

I couldn’t believe the news. Melinda is so young! How could she be sick? How did she get leukemia? She’s got to get better. She’s got to.

Characters: There's nothing to the characters here. Melinda is very much a Mary Sue and Jesse is the typical love interest. Although these sorts of characters come with the territory of sappy ill children stories. 3 and a half flowers.

Writing: The diary/letter format actually really worked for this novel. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this aspect of the novel. 4 flowers.

Plot: Predictable, but the love story did keep me interested enough. 2 flowers.

End: Well, we all know how this is going to end. 2 flowers.

Cover: It certainly tells you what you are getting. 4 flowers.

Dust Jacket Description: I am easily annoyed and get irritated when I only get a tidbit and not an actual description. It was trying to do it cleverly but still. 2 flowers.

Overall: Kind of predictable, but intriguing enough for a readathon! I'm glad I got it as a present. 3 flowers.
Emma Out!


  1. This isn't a book that I would typically pick up on my own. I need a book where the characters have some substance and growth. Otherwise, it's hard for me to connect with the book. Great review!