Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lindsay Eland Interview

I know I know. I've been bad. But I just moved and I have been writing this first draft thing. But May is all about you, my followers. And look what I have for you, an interview with Lindsay Eland, the author of Scones and Sensibility!

Bio from Lindsay's Site:

I was born in Cincinnati, grew up in various towns in Pennsylvania, went to college in Oklahoma, and found home in Breckenridge, Colorado. I love to write, read, hike, drink espresso, and attempt to keep my plants alive. I am a laugher and a dreamer. Mix all these together and you get me–a lucky writer of middle grade fiction.

I am agented by the amazing Rebecca Sherman of Writers House.

Description of Scones and Sensibility:

Polly Madassa is convinced she was born for a more romantic time. A time when Elizabeth Bennet and Anne of Green Gables walked along the moors and beaches of the beautiful land, a time where a distinguished gentleman called upon a lady of quality and true love was born in the locked eyes of two young lovers.

But alas, she was not.

This, however, does not stop our young heroine from finding romance wherever she can conjure it up. So while Polly is burdened with a summer job of delivering baked goods from her parents bakery (how quaint!) to the people in her small beach town, she finds a way to force…um…encourage romance to blossom. She is determined to bring lovers, young and old, together…whether they want to be or not.

1. Polly is such a charming character! What inspired her voice? Thank you! Polly’s voice was inspired by two main things. The first being my love for Anne Shirley who, I am convinced, is one of the best characters ever written in all of literature…Polly obviously thinks so too. And her voice was also inspired by my daughter’s friend who is completely dramatic, totally hilarious, and 100% overly-imaginative.

2. Have you ever had any matchmaking disasters? Thankfully not! And I would never consider matchmaking for anyone I know…though…perhaps I would for animals since they don’t have very many, if any, requirements for a mate.

3. What inspired the bakery aspect of Scones and Sensibility? I adore food. I love eating it, baking it, cooking it, and smelling it! And I think it’s also very universal and extremely romantic…unless of course it’s refried beans which I just can’t seem enjoy no matter how many times I try.

4. Anne and Gilbert and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are Polly's favourite literary couples. Who are yours? The one’s you mentioned are definitely my favorites, though I’d also have to add: Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester…excuse me while I swoon.

5. What's your favourite pastry? Nothing can compare to chocolate ├ęclairs

6. Have you read any good YA romance novels recently? Yes, I loved the love story in The Dark Divine by Bree Despain, Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken, and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

7. Do you have any new writing projects on the go? I do! My second contracted book with Egmont is currently titled A Teaspoon of Rosemary. Though it is also a contemporary middle grade novel, it is very different than Scones and Sensibility. It is the story of a young shy, introverted girl who learns to embrace her inner strength and confidence while becoming a wonderful young chef.

Thank you so much Lindsay! I loved your book and having you on my blog.

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  1. I so want to read this book now!! It sounds absolutely adorable!

  2. It's really brilliant. I definitely recommend it.