Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bloggiesta Update #2

Hello My Lovely Followers!

Don't know what Bloggiesta is? Look at this!

To Do List:

1. Offer invitations for guest posts.
2. Plan emails for three authors, and get an idea of other authors I'd like to interview.
3. Ask friends if they'd like to do guest posts sometime from January-March
4. Create a review policy.
5. Figure out promotion and structure, and post intro for feature.
6. Write award and book signing posts.
7. Complete selected mini challenges.
8. Sort through followers and follow blogs that look interesting.

So, only four more to do! And I have to finish Emma by Jane Austen. I can do that!

Emma Out!


  1. WOOT WOOT Lots of stuff done...good for you - I STILL have soo much to do, or I wanted to do but alas - I spent the day at my sisters LOL

  2. Hahha, yeah today was very busy for me too! Glad you still got SOME stuff done, though.

    There's two awards for you on my blog. One Lovely Blog award and Your Blog is Fabulous award.