Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bloggiesta Final Update


Well, I finished Bloggiesta! I only did about six hours, though, which is disappointing, but I had a busy weekend. I still got a lot done, though!

I completed:

1. Write all reviews that I haven't gotten to.

2. Write all Waiting on Wednesday posts for January.
3. Try to figure out an idea for a meme or feature for my blog!
4. Comment on 50 posts. We'll see if I get to a hundred.
5. Add and clean up tags.
6. Offer invitations for guest posts.
7. Ask friends if they'd like to do guest posts sometime from January-March
8. Complete selected mini challenges.
9. Sort through followers and follow blogs that look interesting.

My blog is back to life because of Bloggiesta! But I didn't complete:

1. Plan emails for three authors, and get an idea of other authors I'd like to interview.
2. Create a review policy.
3. Figure out promotion and structure, and post intro for feature.

Okay, so I got most of my goals done! I thought it was worse before actually looking at it.

Hope you all did well!

Emma Out


  1. I always seem to work during the bloggiestas and the read-a-thons....which is really disappointing. You got a lot done, though!

  2. That's too bad. They're usually happen on weekends, so maybe that's the trouble! Thank you!

  3. "I felt like I was devouring chocolate while listening to it."

    What an absolutely lovely, compelling way to describe an audiobook! I'm sold!

  4. Thanks Kristen!

    Hannah, aw thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

  5. I truly enjoyed participating in this and it sounds like you got some good things done.

  6. Great job! I'm a bit late in saying thanks for joining the fiesta! I'm glad you got so much accomplished.