Monday, May 25, 2009

May 22, O9 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Hello Blogging World!

Okay, I admit I haven't read all of the Harry Potter books, but I'm reading them, okay? That counts for something, right? Ahem, anyways.

I really don't think I have to explain the description of Chamber of Secrets to you. It's Harry's second year at Hogwarts and crazy things happen, like always. That's really all you need to know.

I think that Chamber of Secrets was a lot better than Sorcerer's Stone. Stone didn't flow very well. Each chapter seemed like a completely separate story that didn't connect with the last. Chamber of Secrets flowed well and I felt like I much better sense of the characters. I liked Harry more as well as Hermione, and I still really want to know more about Snape. He's my favorite character so far. He's complex, and I've always liked complex characters. Harry is seeming to go off into that direction too. I'm starting to really enjoy this series. I liked the plot of this book and JK Rowling is excellent with suspense. I felt completely immersed in the book at the climax, and not many books can do that for me. Rowling's writing isn't all that special, but the characters and world she creates are spectacular. I completely understand why this is such a phenomenom. I'm looking forward to reading Prisoner of Azkaban. Five out of five.


May 21, 09 Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Hello Blogging World!

Technically, I read this book before the project started. I got the idea the day after but I still read Wintergirls in a day, so I think it still counts.

Wintergirls is about a girl named Lia who has issues with anorexia and cutting. Lia's best friend, Cassie, has issues with eating too and has bulimia. The girls are constantly fighting the battle to be the skinniest with each other and themselves. But when one day Cassie is found in a motel room, Lia is left alone to fight to become the skinniest.

Wintergirls is in my three top favorite books if The Gemma Doyle Trilogy counts as one book. It was really interesting seeing what Lia goes through and what her thought process is like. Anderson used some clever techniques to get across Lia's thoughts. For instance, whenever Lia mentioned food she would show the calories. I have a hard time with these sort of books, because I can only stand them for two days or less. The subject matter makes me think of my own hard times, though not as difficult, and I start to feel slightly sad. I usually can only enjoy books on this sort of subject to a certain extent, but I loved this one anyways. I think Anderson did a good job of conveying mental illness. The last chapter really helped me understand what Lia goes through and what other mentally ill people go through, as well. I thought the conclusion fit the book and I enjoyed the little glimmers that we got of Lia's personality. I've read one of Anderson's other books, Speak. I really enjoyed Speak but because Wintergirls was longer and better written, I think it's much better. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the topic of mental illness. Overall, five out of five.


The Beginning

So, hello readers!

I have decided to start a fun and hard goal. I am going to try to read a book a day. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm either going to quit or come out dead. That is possible. But I thought this was a cool idea and so far, it's been enjoyable.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Emma. I'm Canadian and a big YA lover. No, I do not like Twilight. Yes, I like Harry Potter. My favorite series of all time is this trilogy called The Gemma Doyle Trilogy. It's about a girl named Gemma who lives in the Victorian era. She lives in India with her mother, father and older brother. An unfortunate event happens and Gemma is sent away to boarding school in England. She finds out about her mother's connection to a group of women called the Order. They're supposed to protect a mythical world called the realms. I just love the writing and the characters. As well as the mystery and plot. But I'll save you the rant until I re-read the series in January. My favorite colour is purple. I love cats and emus. My favorite food is sushi. I adore Starbucks. I'm the sekrit sister to a youtube channel all about YA books called FiveAwesomeYAFans. And I'm slightly crazy, but I think you already suspected that. I'll be reviewing 7 books once a week to record what I've read and my opinion on it. I hope all of you enjoy it and feel free to comment!