Sunday, October 4, 2009

In My Mailbox October 4, 09


This awesome meme is hosted by The Story Siren. So, since I'm getting back into the blogging groove, I've decided there's no time like the present! I got quite a few books this week.

Same Difference by Siobhan Vivian

Goodreads Description:

"Emily is ready for a change. She's been in the same town with the same friends for a long time...and none of them really understand her art. But when she goes to Philadelphia for a summer art institute, she suddenly finds like-minded people. One in particular, Fiona, intrigues and challenges her. But there are some things Emily is going to have to find out for herself -- like what the balance is between life and art, and which is more important when push comes to shove."

This is my friend Kori's favorite book ever. I've been looking for it for AGES and then I saw it at the library. Can't wait to read this!

Lessons from a Dead Girl
by Jo Knowles

Goodreads Description:

"An unflinching story of a troubled friendship — and one girl’s struggle to come to terms with secrets and shame and find her own power to heal.

Leah Greene is dead. For Laine, knowing what really happened and the awful feeling that she is, in some way, responsible set her on a journey of painful self-discovery. Yes, she wished for this. She hated Leah that much. Hated her for all the times in the closet, when Leah made her do those things. They were just practicing, Leah said. But why did Leah choose her? Was she special, or just easy to control? And why didn’t Laine make it stop sooner? In the aftermath of the tragedy, Laine is left to explore the devastating lessons Leah taught her, find some meaning in them, and decide whether she can forgive Leah and, ultimately, herself."

This book sounds really fantastic. Not only does the description intrigue me, the author created JoNoWriMo, which I am doing this year. Found this one from the library.

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Goodreads Description:

"In an explosion of his own making, Lucius blew his arms off. Now he has hooks. He chose hooks because they were cheaper. He chose hooks because he wouldn’t outgrow them so quickly. He chose hooks so that everyone would know he was different, so he would scare even himself.

Then he meets Aurora. The hooks don’t scare her. They don’t keep her away. In fact, they don’t make any difference at all to her.

But to Lucius, they mean everything. They remind him of the beast he is inside. Perhaps Aurora is his Beauty, destined to set his soul free from its suffering.

Or maybe she’s just a girl who needs love just like he does. "

I've been waiting for this one forever! I can't believe the library got it in so soon.

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Goodreads Description:

"Phoebe is just your typical goth girl with a crush. He's strong and silent...and dead"

I've wanted to read this one ever since I heard of the Team Unicorn vs. Team Zombie debate going on in the YA book universe! I could never find it at the library, but it was at Chapters for six bucks! I probably won't get to this one in a while, but I'm glad I have it!

Well...that's it folks! See you soon!

Emma Out!


  1. Looks like some great books. I love the cover for Lessons from a Dead Girl. Happy Reading.

  2. ALL of them look like awesome reads! Enjoy them =)

  3. Crazy Beautiful looks really good! Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Generation Dead is really, really good! Hope you enjoy all of these!

  5. Crazy Beautiful is on my list. I love the 1st cover.

  6. Thanks guys! I can't wait to read them all!