Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coming Back to Reality (and blogging)

Hiya Everyone!

I know I know, I still haven't been blogging as much I should. I am sorry. I will change. Do not stop following me. You are all very very beautiful people.

I have decided that reading a book a day is CRAZAY (I just realized this) and due to school and my budding social life (OH YES, it is coming!) and writing way too much than I should, I just...can't...READ ENOUGH. (sighs)

So, my goal from here on until May is to finish a book a week. So much more manageable, right? I think this is a fair goal. Perhaps I may even be able to finish two a week! (no promises).

Also, I'm going to try to do more guest posts and author interviews. I'm sorry, but the thought of interviewing AUTHORS THAT I LIKE is somewhat scary. I will get over it, promise.

Anyways, keep on being awesome my amaztastic followers!

Emma Out!


  1. Wow, a book a day is pretty intense. I try to go for 2 books a week b/c of school and other stuff. Good luck with your new goal. I'm sure you'll do just fine with this one!!!

  2. Thanks Jenn-ay! I appreciate it. :D