Sunday, August 30, 2009

July 11, 09 Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta


Just two days ago, I read Jellicoe Road, and it's definitely one of my favorites.

Jellicoe Road is about Taylor Markham, whose father she does not know and whose mother abandoned her when she was eleven on Jellicoe Road. Taylor lives in the Jellicoe Road School, where she is dealing with becoming leader of her school in the territory wars between Jellicoe, the Townies and the Cadets. Suddenly, the only adult Taylor has a real relationship with, Hannah, leaves unexpectedly. And Jonah Griggs appears, who Taylor has history with. Who will win the territory wars? Where is Hannah? And what IS Hannah's connection to Taylor's mother?

Oh. My. God. I adored this book. I know a lot of people really did not like the first one hundred and twenty pages. But this is only because it's confusing. My dear readers, let me make things easier for you when you read Jellicoe Road. The book has two story lines: One: Taylor dealing with Hannah's disappearance, Jonah's reappearance, and the territory wars. Two: Hannah wrote this manuscript with these characters named Jude, Fitz, Tate, Webb and Narnie. This storyline is about them and how Taylor is connected to them. Once you get over the first one hundred and twenty pages, I have no doubt that you'll fall in love with it. The writing is amazing, the characters are real, the dialogue is clever and witty, romance is well done and there are many twists. I gasped multiple times within this book and missed it when I closed it. Please, please read this. It's fantastic.

While the book lover in me is screaming for Jellicoe Road to get a deserving five stars, the book reviewer in me won't allow it. So I've made a compromise.

Emma Out!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I absolutely loved this book. It blew me away.