Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday! (On Wednesday This Time)

Hey World!

This awesome meme is hosted by Breaking the Spine.

Oh god, there are SO many good books that are going to come out! I'll give you two. One that is coming out in 2010 and one that is coming out just next month! They are:

Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson

Goodreads Description:

There is none! DAMNIT.

Okay, well...all I know about this one is that it's the sequel to Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson, which was amazing and my second favorite MJ book of all time. I'm sure its sequel will be AMAZTASTIC. The cover is awesome too, except for the girl herself. Too much of a model for me.

Release Date: Feburary 2010. (Yes you have to wait!)

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

Goodreads Description:

Sixteen-year-old Lia Milthorpe and her twin sister Alice have just become orphans, and, as Lia discovers, they have also become enemies. The twins are part of an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other. To escape from a dark fate and to remain in the arms of her beloved boyfriend James, Lia must end the prophecy before her sister does. Only then will she understand the mysterious circumstances of her parents' deaths, the true meaning of the strange mark branded on her wrist, and the lengths to which her sister will go to defeat her. Debut novelist Michelle Zink takes readers on an unforgettable journey where one sister's fateful decision could have an impact of Biblical proportions.

Does it sound awesome? And I love the cover! I'll have to get this from the library as soon as it comes in.

Release Date
: August 1st 2009

Well, I'm off to read!



  1. I haven't read Suite Scarlett, and I want to cause I think the author is hilarious.

    Also good pick with POTS, that one is most surely amazing!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Taschima! MJ is extremely amusing, eh? Have you read anything by her?

    I know! It sounds extraordinary!

  3. O I love stories with sisters! :) I can't wait to read your review.

  4. Thanks Juju! I'm excited to read it! The cover is definitely one of my favorites.

  5. I haven't had the change to read Suite Scarlett, but the cover of the sequel is adorable!


  6. Prophecy of the Sisters sounds interesting. I love biblical proportions. <3

  7. I didn't know there was a sequel to Suite Scarlett.. I guess I better read the first one! Ahaha.

  8. Briana, I love all the flowers and the laptop on the cover!

    Maria, LOL, I figured.

    Kristen, INDEED YOU MUST.