Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 6, 09 Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

Audrey, Wait! has a really awesome cover. I got this one from one of my big library hauls and enjoyed it.

Audrey, Wait! is about a girl named Audrey whose boyfriend Evan is in a local band. When Audrey breaks up with Evan, he writes a song about her and it becomes an international hit. Audrey's life instantly changes. She is followed by the paparazzi. Everyone wants to her friend, multiple bands want her as a muse and her relationships are start to break apart. Can Audrey get her life back?

Audrey, Wait! was witty and fun from the beginning. It was pretty amusing at times, although the cleverness would get hidden by all the omgawds and totallys once in a while. The side characters besides Audrey and her best friend, were pretty bland. But Audrey made up for them. I really like the idea of this book, and I thought it was executed pretty well. I did think the ending seemed half assed, like Benway realized she needed something to tie it all together. In the end, four out of five. If you're looking for a fun read, go for this book.



  1. I love the cover of this, very psychedelic! This seems like a fun book! Although I'm drowning in books from Cynthia's challenge, so I probably won't pick it up until the end of the summer.

  2. The cover of this book is really cool, and the plot sounds interesting. Great review!

  3. Thanks Melanie! I adore the cover, too. It seems the other cover is more popular, since the author has it on her site, but I prefer this one.